Innovation company model


Every really new idea looks crazy at first. ALFRED NORTH WHITEHEAD


The overall objective of the project is to introduce the strategy of innovation management into wood processing industry, namely by training and coaching participating top and middle management on the rapid development and higher competitiveness of their companies.

The final project product will be an i-model - Innovation company model - a frame of methodology, procedures and materials "ready to implement" for introducing an efficient innovation management in the said companies.

Within the project, i-model shall be developed and tested, presenting the possibilities of stimulating processes in companies – how to transfer idea towards business realisation and establish a self-learning process in the field of innovative processes.

We expect that the i-model shall provide a useful tool for implementing good practices and routines in the management of innovation processes in the companies, that is not only in the wood-processing industry but also elsewhere.

We strongly believe that the implementation of the project will be an important step towards strengthening competitiveness of wood-processing industry on European as well as world market.


The institutions forming the project team are:

Inštitut za inovativnost in tehnologijo

Korona plus Ltd. - Institute for Innovation and Technology, Slovenia (Leading Partner), e-mail: phare.inovacije@guest.arnes.si,


ICDC-Mjärdevi Science Park, Sweden, e-mail: arne.kullbjer@icdc.se,


Hellenic Regional Development Center, Greece, e-mail: ngeorg@hrdc.org.gr,

Cassovia BIC

Cassovia BIC Ltd. - Business and Innovation Center, Slovak Republic, e-mail: chovan@bicke.sk,

Lesarski grozd

Wood Industry Cluster, Slovenia, e-mail: grozd@sloles.com,

Faculty of Manegement

University of Primorska, Faculty of Management Koper, Slovenia, e-mail: peter.fatur@fm-kp.si.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.


Project duration is 36 months, lasting from 1st December 2004 to 1st December 2007.
Project activities shall be performed in all participating countries, namely Slovenia, Greece, Sweden and the Slovak Republic. Nevertheless, the results of the project are to have a more universal character. i-model shall provide a business model for implementing innovation process in the companies from the entire EU.


Project budget, in the amount approved by the European Commission amounts to 503.803,00 EURO. The maximum Community contribution stands at 377.852,00 EURO (75%).


The project’s target group covers 12 SMEs representing wood processing industry and furniture branch in target countries.

Under the project 60 to 100 top and middle managers from selected companies will be trained to become mentors to their co-workers. Guided project work with the said managers represents an important part of the project. Furthermore, 100 - 150 employees from participating companies will be involved in training and concrete innovation processes guided by the mentors. Moreover, representatives from regional developing agencies will be invited to participate with an aim to disseminate knowledge also to other companies and branches. They also require such knowledge for their daily activities.

Why wood processing industry?
Wood forms a natural resource to most of the EU countries. There are not just economic, but also environmental, and social factors which are very important to the EU, although the latest economic analyses showed the wood industry as one of less competitive branches. The main reasons are high labour costs in the EU, inadequate R&D with an inappropriate connection to the economy, recession on some main markets, etc. The project tackles the challenge of creating stronger competitiveness of wood and furniture companies, especially in the new EU countries. Consequently, we expect that the said shall improve the possibilities of survival of the aforementioned traditional branches of industry and employment for several people.


The specific steps towards achieving the project goals are:

  • analysis of existing situation of innovation management process in selected wood-processing companies in participating countries (analysis "before"),

  • development of innovative learning organisational model on the basis of using modern ICT technologies,

  • preparation and implementation of specific modern in-company training programme for top and middle management from selected companies (SMEs),

  • preparation of innovative strategy and operational plans for selected companies,

  • analysis "after" and optimisation of the i-model.


Entire project


As mentioned above, the entire training programme will be elaborated and implemented within the project. The aim of the training is to improve the specific knowledge and skills of top and middle managers from the selected companies for an efficient work in the innovation area in company's daily routine. Programme, based on using modern training tools and methods, will encompass:

  • lectures, presentation of practical examples and case studies,

  • interactive materials and methods by using project web site topical information, experience of the people working together on the project, useful links, tele-learning module /E-book/, Internet forum, etc.

The content of materials will be founded on knowledge about invention-innovation chain: need analysis tools, techniques of idea creation, techniques of ideas selection, R&D (idea development), idea management, innovation management, entrepreneurship, business plan development, intellectual property, market intelligence techniques, innovation and R&D support system in EU.