The Institute for Innovation and Technology (Korona plus d.o.o.) is innovatively oriented organisation
with a mission of raising the level of companies’ innovativeness, and especially young people, namely in close cooperation with the education system and economy. The Institute operates in cooperation with the network of topmost international experts from various fields who work within national and international research and development projects.

Main areas of work:

YOUTH: encouragement of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in schools with constant integration of youth, teachers and in cooperation with the economy


  • enhanced awareness and motivation of target groups – young people and their mentors,
  • improved cooperation among R&D, economy and education system,
  • higher number of inventions and innovations of young people,
  • better preparedness of youth for the employment market or self-employment,
  • improved utilisation of Slovenian support environment,
  • enhanced awareness of general public on the possibilities of innovative approaches.


Copious successful projects, which actively integrated over 1800 young people, over 450 mentors trained, numerous books and comics published, several award competitions, numerous conferences and exhibitions implemented at home and abroad, several cooperation with the economy established, tenths popular and expert articles…

…and what is the most important: several extremely thriving innovations of youth were achieved

ECONOMY: encouragement and support of innovation processes in economy


  • contribution to expert foundations for achieving innovation in companies,
  • methodology of continuous monitoring of innovation processes within a company,
  • development of innovation company model in the global economy,
  • development of innovation standards,
  • improved cooperation among R&D, economy and education system,
  • enhanced utilisation of Slovenian support environment.


Numerous professional and scientific expert valuations as well as R&D projects directed towards achieving innovation of economy namely by enhanced utilisation of Slovenian and international support environment. Parallel to aforementioned run not only the development of methodology for practical situation analysis in the field of innovation processes but also the development of innovation model, which represents a set of methodologies and materials for successful innovation management. The said innovation model is established on research results, good practices, approaches to adult education and international cooperation. The concept shall contribute to raising competitiveness and entrepreneurship, also as regards new opportunities for employment and encouraging cooperation among the companies and universities, transfer of ideas and knowledge, especially in small and medium sized companies.

Experience and Characteristics:

  • experience in planning and implementing national programmes (Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Economy)
  • research and development activities,
  • experience in R&D management,
  • experience in developing technological products as well as their launching onto the market (several tens of patents, models and trademarks registered and several tens of copyright works published, several national and international awards),
  • experience in preparing innovative promotional activities and training programmes (interactive web sites, manuals, seminars, promotional material, media promotion, international programmes),
  • experience in project management (national and EU projects),
  • experience in teaching innovaion management at the university level,
  • experience in innovation process training for teachers,
  • well-established contacts with various universities (both scientific-technical and business), public authorities and companies

Head of the Institute for Innovation and Technology:

Borut Likar is a Full Professor and a research counsellor at the UP FM. He achieved his PhD at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana. He is mainly focused on management of innovation processes, R&D, technology and technology transfer in business organisations as well as in educational system. He is the author of hundreds of scientific, expert and other publications (more than 600 bibliographic units), initiator of several international projects and the author of patents, models and copyright works – many proved to be extremely marketable. He is an innovator and a recipient of many national and international awards for his innovations and research work. Among numerous lectures he has given, the talks at the United Nations’ headquarters in Geneva and at the European Parliament in Brussels were met with a particularly wide response.
Likar is also the amateur photographer, where he is particularly interested in creative and innovative approaches to photography. He also engages in writing aphorisms, which were published internationally.

Since the establishment of organisation a total of 46 projects were successfully conducted.

research projects

development projects

projects for the economy


Full name: Korona plus d.o.o., Institute for Innovation and Technology

Registered Office: Staretova 11, P.O.B. 3411, 1001 Ljubljana, Slovenia – Europe
Headquarters: Cesta na loko 19, I. floor, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Tel.: +386 (0)1 28 39 053
Fax.: +386 (0)1 28 39 055
E-mail address: korona (at)

Head of the Institute: prof. dr. Borut Likar, MBA

Company VAT Number: SI39326594
Company Indentity Number: 5286921 (000)


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